Create your first Gift Hunt session

Now that you installed Gift Hunt, you are just a few minutes away to run a live Gift Hunt session on your WordPress website.

First of all, you are probably wondering, what a session is?

A Gift Hunt session is where you define When, How and Who can find gifts on your site.

Create your first session

If you are not already there, go to the Dashboard of Gift Hunt and click on the "Add New Gift Hunt Session" button.
(If you haven't created any sessions previously, you'll see 2 buttons with that text, you can click on any of those).

Now you arrived at the Session editor. Although it looks like there are a lot of fields you have to fill in this form, don't worry, most of them are pre-filled.

Let's take a look at all the fields before we hit the save button.

Session basic settings

The "Session name" is something that only you'll see. It can help you identify your sessions.

Session name field

The "Session icon" is the icon image that will be visible on your website when somebody spent enough time on your site or visited the defined amount of pages. You can choose a seasonal icon (eg. pumpkin or ghost for Halloween, or Santa for Christmas) or you can use the general present box.

Session icon field

For more tips on seasonal Gift Hunt sessions, take a look at our examples.

The next field is to define what should your visitors do before they can find the icon on your site.

If you want to grow page views, choose the second option ("After they visited some pages") if the time spent on your site is more important for you, go with the first one.

Session type

Don't forget to define the number of pages a user should visit or the time they should spend on your site.

By choosing the "Allow one user to collect multiple gifts during the session" you can also let your visitors hunt more than one gift.

Allow multiple collect field

Gift options

You can give away one gift for all the lucky visitors, or you can use multiple gifts. In most cases, using multiple gifts is better because your visitors will think that they received a unique gift, one that was only "made" for them. This will make your Gift Hunt a bit more personal.

Gift type field

If you are giving away discount codes, don't forget to create them before you start to use them in your session!

Gift field

You have to define at least one gift to create your session.

Popup window options

The popup window becomes visible when a visitor clicks on the Gift Hunt session icon on your website. The design of the popup window could be a bit different based on the theme you are using, but the default version looks like this:

Popup window sample

For the content of your popup window, you can use something that is more in line with the tone of your website, or you can go with the default settings.

The content is the text that will be visible above the data collection form in the popup window.

In the image below, you can see how the popup window looks like after someone filled the form, and this is where the "Popup content after form submission" will be visible.

Popup window result

Data collection options

The data collection is the most important part of your Gift Hunt session as this is the function that can help you to collect data from potential future customers.

Luckily, in most cases you can use the predefined values for these fields.
Probably, the only thing you have to change in the data collection settings is the URL for Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Make sure that you use one, especially if your visitors are from the EU.

Success email options

The success email is the message that your lucky visitors will get after they filled the data collection form. The gift they found will be visible in the result screen of the popup window but they'll also receive it in this email.

For the Sender name of your success email, you can use the Name of your website. For the sender email address don't use a no-reply version, use your default contact email instead so your potential customers can get in touch with you in case they have any questions.

To make it more personal, use the information your visitors provided in the data collection form. To do that, you can use the following shortcodes in the body of your success email: %firstname%, %lastname%, %email%, %gift%

Eg. if the body of your success message looks like this:

Hi %firstname%, here is your gift: %gift%
it will become this in the final message:
Hi Francis, here is your gift: Sample Gift

If you would like to take a look at your success message, click on the "Send a test email" button and provide an email address.

Save and preview session

When you think you are ready, click on the "Save" button.

At the top of the form, the "Preview session" option becomes active, and you can use it to test your Gift Hunt session without turning it on.

Activate your session

If everything looks fine, choose the "Active" option in the Session visibility section (top right section of the session form) and define the start and end dates for your session.

Session visiblity fields

Don't forget that at a given time you can have only one active Gift Hunt session running on your site.

Click save again and your session is ready to go.

Make sure that you also check out our best practices guide to get the most out of your Gift Hunt session.

Are you looking for help to set up your Gift Hunt session? Don’t hesitate to get in touch via email at

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