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Display your gift hunt icon with a shortcode

Sometimes, you want to drive more traffic to a specific section of your page. That's when the ability to place your gift icon with a shortcode comes handy.

To display your gift icon with a shortcode, choose the following option in the Icon placement settings of your GIft Hunt session: Use a shortcode to display the icon at a defined position.

Icon placement with shortcode option selected

When you select that option some additional information becomes visible with the shortcode you need to use to place your session icon.

Copy the shortcode ([ff_gifthunt_icon]) to your clipboard, in a new browser tab, open the page where you want to display the icon, and start editing it. Find the place in your content where you want to display your icon and paste the shortcode there.

Don't add the shortcode to your content more than one time otherwise it won't work properly. You can add the shortcode several pages of your site but only one time to each page.

Preview your Gift Hunt session with a shortcode icon placement

As the gift hunt shortcode always displays the icon for the active Gift Hunt session, make sure that your session is active, the start date of your session is today (or an earlier date) and the end date is a future date.

Session visiblity settings

Create a test page/post/product page where you can test your session, or you can use an existing page that is not visited frequently by your visitors.

After you created your test page copy the shortcode ([ff_gifthunt_icon]) to your clipboard and paste the shortcode into the content of your page/post/product.

Save the changes of your page/post/product and then preview it. The session icon should become visible at the location where you placed your shortcode.

Icon displayed with shortcode

Take a look at our best practices guide for a successful Gift Hunt campaign and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions (hello@gifthuntplugin.com).

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