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Best practices to run a successful Gift Hunt session on your WordPress site

Make sure that your visitors know about it. You can use your announcement bar to display a “notification” to your visitors about the Gift Hunt session running on your site.
If you collected subscribers previously, you can send them an email about this limited opportunity.

Drive visitors from social media to your site while your Gift Hunt session is active. The chance, that users who visit your site will become customers during a Gift Hunt session is much higher than on regular visits. So try to drive as much traffic to your site as possible, while your session is active.

Give your visitors "real gifts", otherwise they’ll think that you just collected their personal information to send them promotional messages later. Try to avoid this and let them feel that they really got some valuable gift in exchange for their data.

To make your content “pop” you can use emojis, they are supported by Gift Hunt.

If your gifts have an expiration date, don’t forget to add that information to the necessary places (content after form submission and success email).

Make sure that the tone of your texts is in line with the one you use on your site.

After your Gift Hunt session is closed, send a follow up message to your hunters. You can suggest them some of your products, remind them if their gift have an expiration date, or just wish them Merry Christmas.

Probably, your visitors will have questions regarding the gift they hunted. To save yourself some time, create a short FAQ and make it available on your site. You can also add it to the body of the success email.

Don’t make it too easy to hunt gifts. One of the goals of Gift Hunt is to keep your visitors in a loop where they keep browsing your website, discovering content or purchasing products.

Don’t make it too hard to hunt gifts. Assuming that your visitors will spend an hour on your site or will visit 100 pages is something that probably none of them will do. Make sure that you use lifelike settings for your Gift Hunt sessions.

When it’s possible, it’s always a good practice to run your Gift Hunt sessions connected to something seasonal (eg. Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Back To School, etc) to make your communicational tasks easier.

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