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🎨 Your site, your look

Upload custom icons

With the help of custom icon upload, you can use any kind of icons for your Gift Hunt session. This function also makes it possible to easily use Gift Hunt during the whole year not just around holidays.

Gift Hunt Pro - Custom Icon Upload Feature

🎯 Placement matters

Icon placement options

While displaying your Gift Hunt session icon in a random position is effective as well, sometimes, using a fix position makes it easier to guide your visitors. With the 3 additional icon placement options (bottom-left, bottom right, center) you can easily do that.

Gift Hunt Pro - Icon Placement Options

💃 I like the way you move

Additional icon animatios

Sometimes you need a different kind of animation to grab the attention of your visitors. Gift Hunt Pro can help you with that with it's 5 built in icon animations.

👩‍🎤 Make it pop

Popup window designs

Use one from the seasonal (🎃 Halloween, 🎄 Christmas, 🐰 Ester) or the dark popup window design for a better look.

Gift Hunt Pro Popup Default Design Gift Hunt Pro Popup Default Dark Design Gift Hunt Pro Popup Halloween Design Gift Hunt Pro Popup Christmas Design Gift Hunt Pro Popup Easter Design

💌 An email design that fits to your Gift Hunt session

Success email templates

With Gift Hunt Pro you can select one from the 6 built in success email templates to create a unified experience. The following templates are available in Gift Hunt Pro:

  • Unstyled
  • Default light
  • Default dark
  • Halloween
  • Christmas
  • Easter
Gift Hunt Pro Default Email Template Gift Hunt Pro Default Dark Email Template Gift Hunt Pro Halloween Email Template Gift Hunt Pro Christmas Email Template Gift Hunt Pro Easter Email Template

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