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Use custom content in your popup window

When someone finds a gift on your website Gift Hunt will display a popup window with a form to collect some personal information, by default. If something else would work better for you (eg. a subscription form, a video, a link that points to a pdf, etc) you have the option to add custom content to your popup window.

To display custom content in your popup window choose the second option in the Gift Hunt Session Type section: Display a popup window with custom content

Custom popup type option selected

When you select that option 2 fields will become visible to set up your custom popup.

In the "Custom popup window content" field, you can add all kinds of custom HTML (YouTube video, contact form, Mailchimp form, a link that points to a PDF, etc) to your popup window and you can use shortcodes as well.

You can also change the label of the close button.

Field for popup window close button label

The button will be visible at the bottom of your custom popup window.

Custom popup window preview

The advantage of using a custom popup window content is that you can easily integrate your Gift Hunt session with other plugins or systems.

Take a look at our best practices guide for a successful Gift Hunt campaign and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions (hello@gifthuntplugin.com).

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